If you’re one of the many millenials who find this whole social distancing coronavirus socially disruptive, you’re not alone. Let’s face it, it is! No St. Patrick’s Day, no spring break and nowhere to flaunt that beach body you’ve been working on all sober January. 

Two months is a long time with nothing to do and nowhere to go! On the positive side, there’s so much people can do during this quarantine period to grow and educate themselves.

The following recommendations are a few somewhat unknown activities you can do, watch, learn or read during the next few months. Each idea is entertaining and interesting in their own respect – mind as well make the best of it!

Take a College Class – Harvard EDX 

HarvardX is an online learning course from Harvard University that offers free classes. For a small fee, students can also receive a verified certificate. They have a wide range of subjects and most, if not all, of these courses can be completed in as little as two months.

Watch Tiger King – Netflix

The words that come to mind are, “Bat shit crazy!” This documentary, less than a week old, is one ridiculous wild ride that keeps you glued to the couch. Who knew the politics, scandals and cult-like lives of large-cat (tiger) owners in America had such a fascinating story. The series mostly revolves around Joe Exotic – a gay, gun loving, cowboy with a blonde mullet and his rag tag cast of employees.

This Netflix masterpiece is a much needed “take your mind of things” show to enjoy. If extreme Florida stereotypes, wild animals and murderous revenge is your thing, then watch Tiger King on Netflix.

Learn a New Skill – Skillshare or Udemy

Skillshare and Udemy are two online teaching communities where you can learn new, or improve on, current professional skills. This can be done at your own pace and can most definitely help beat the boredom blues. Skillshare is a monthly subscription based platform with quite an extensive variety of subjects that go beyond typical business, marketing and design classes. Udemy has the largest selection of online classes and each class is paid for individually.

Read – The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger

An absolute must read for any Disney, marketing or business fan. Iger, who recently stepped down as the CEO of Walt Disney gives an inside look into his incredible career. After taking the Disney reins from Michael Eisner, Iger took Disney to new financial and creative heights with his acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Fox.

The book also talks about the many lessons learned throughout Iger’s journey and how he navigated leading a 200,000+ employee company.

Join – Master Class

Master Class is an online learning website making head waves on the internet with their clever marketing campaign revolving around the fact celebrities and well known professionals teach the classes. You can learn directing from Ron Howard or cooking from Gordon Ramsey. There are many interesting subjects such as culinary, writing, business, architecture, music and so many more!

A few of the most popular ones:

Creativity & Advertising – Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstien

Wine AppreciationJames Suckling

Entrepreneurship – Sara Blakely

The Art of Negotiation – Chris Voss

Stay Fit With the “Tone It Up” App

The popular “Tone It Up” app is making sweating possible while social distancing by offering a free 30 days to non subscribers. With a huge database of exercise classes, there’s a physical activity here for everyone to enjoy while in isolation.

Time to stretch your body and your mind. Happy quarantining!